Floral Bouquet Commissions

I was in my studio one Sunday – it would have been my parents 68th wedding anniversary. I was staring at their wedding photograph when  I decided I wanted to paint my mother’s wedding bouquet. This would be a truly personal and unique gift from myself to her to help commemorate that wonderful day. My father passed in 2009, and this felt like something I really wanted to do.


As I began painting my mother’s bouquet – which was a gorgeous cascade of pale pink roses tied with a long white satin ribbon – I realized I could paint bridal and anniversary bouquets for others, on commission.


And so the idea was born.

Claire Sower Artist

I think flowers are among the most beautiful things on this planet. I love to paint them – and floral bouquets for special occasions such as bridal bouquets, cry out to be painted.


What better way to commemorate a special occasion – your wedding or anniversary – than to have an original, commissioned painting of your bouquet, which is in itself a work of art.


An original painting of the bridal bouquet also makes a wonderful wedding gift from friends and family.

How it Works


Commissioning a painting is easy.


You tell me what you want, send me some pictures of the bouquet – or have your florist or event planner contact me and send me photos. If you live in or near Vancouver, and the piece is for you, we can meet in your home.


I then do several working sketches to give some different versions of what the finished piece would look like. After selecting a sketch you like and a canvas size, I begin the painting.


When the painting is finished I will send you photos, or if you live in Vancouver, you can come by my studio. The painting should normally take about a week to complete. I use acrylic paints which dry quickly, so your painting will be ready for delivery as soon as it’s finished.


There is a 50% non-refundable deposit due once you approve a working sketch. The balance is due upon completion and before delivery.


I ship worldwide and deliver and hang if you live locally. I can also arrange to have your piece framed.

If you are interested in finding out more send me a message below or email me at sowerbutt@gmail.com